We’ve got spirit, yes we do.

Show some school spirit. Fly the colors. From just having fun to reinforcing smart, educational messages, your campus is a blank canvas. In the cafeteria, gymnasium, hallways, locker rooms. From floor graphics to ceiling displays. Ƶ is the tutor to getting any school’s brand to the front of the class. Tell your story, your history, your legacy. Limitless possibilities on a limited budget. We get education. We get the challenges. And we get that even if your mascot is a turtle, you need help coming out of your shell. Eye-popping graphics are the way. Let’s create something even the kid sleeping in the back row can’t ignore. Try as he might.

Case Study – Elmhurst College

To attract more prospective students to informational sessions for their School for Professional Studies, Elmhurst College, located west of Chicago, relied on direct mail to help them stand out from their competition. The college focused their outreach to local students planning on attending graduate school close to home.

Education Brand Trends

Go where their eyes go

When students and visitors are looking at their phones, floors and sidewalks become prime real estate. Floor graphics offer an opportunity to meet students and campus visitors at “eye” level.

Rely on us for the highest quality school graphics that withstand traffic, scratches and scuffs, and are slip resistant, all while holding up to commonly used cleaning solutions.

•  Adhesive decal

•  3D applications

•  Printable carpet

•  Floor mat graphics

•  Stair applications

Look up

Indoor and outdoor banners dress up campus buildings, athletic events and interior halls. High-quality fabric or vinyl banner options are available.

Look out

Window graphics and decals add extra cheer for attendees of on-campus sports and entertainment venues. We can help produce the best ones for your needs.

Where am I?

Help visitors, new students, faculty and parents easily make their way around campus—inside and outside—with eye-catching, “wayfinding” signage.


Athletics help drive school spirit. Take advantage of all the places you can add a shout-out for your team, including gym floors, wind fences, dugouts, flagpole banners, wall murals, locker rooms and more.

Feed me with fun

School cafeterias compete for the attention of students, so make the environment fun and creative. Bright and visually appealing food carts, food lines, tables, windows, walls and floors can help spice up the campus cafe experience.

On the go

The campus fleet, from maintenance vehicles to commuter shuttles, offers an awesome opportunity to reinforce and spread your school’s spirit through expertly visualized messaging. Check out this video to see how one school’s brand came to life through fleet.

Food for Thought

Take advantage of engaging, colorful graphics to help your students make healthier food choices.

Outdated Cafe

Case Study

Falcon Heights Elementary School K-5 school near the Twin Cities. School administrators wanted to refresh their decades-old cafeteria, while educating students on how to make healthy choices. The challenge was to maximize a limited budget while transforming an outdated cafeteria space.

New Branding

Case Study

Transforming Pueblo Academy of the Arts’ cafe in Pueblo, Colorado, to reflect their new district branding included creating and installing branded banners, safety window covers and graphics, as well as wrapping the serving equipment, coolers and three vehicles.

We Want You

Creative multichannel marketing campaigns, including captivating direct mail promotions, will help you recruit new students and engage alumni.


Explore graphic solutions and printing services for successful
branded environments and activations.

Lexington Middle School Cafeteria

Understanding that the lunchroom is a fun place for students to gather, take a break, and eat, the design team set out to create an engaging cafe atmosphere that also inspired students to be their best.

Falcon Heights Cafeteria

When Falcon Heights Elementary School wanted to refresh their decades-old cafeteria while educating students on healthier choices, they turned to Visualz, a Ƶ-owned company.

Elmhurst College

Elk Grove Graphics, a Ƶ Company, worked with Elmhurst College to create a unique and engaging multichannel marketing campaign to reach potential students.

Pueblo Academy Cafeteria

Transforming Pueblo Academy’s café included creating and installing branded banners, safety window covers, graphics, and wrapping the serving equipment, coolers, and three vehicles.