How graphics become an event in themselves.

From tradeshows to the Olympics, we gather to see something special. See something fresh. Where creativity knows no scale. Intimate to intimidating, we look beyond size and look to creative possibility. For any budget. Any timeline. Making something truly memorable requires outthinking the challenge. Seeing every angle and executing to the letter. Ƶ has the experience to take an event from blank canvas to high art. Catch the eye or get them bugging out. Go big or they might go home. Elevate memorable to unforgettable. Where all the senses are dazzled.


•  Peace of mind with a longstanding history of large-event success

•  Full-service solutions, with multiple printing options, to deliver what you need—end to end, on time and within budget

•  Demonstrated quality at every turn, so you get superior customer service and process improvements to expertly bring your brand to life

•  Much more


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branded environments and activations.

When Super Bowl 52 brought the event close to our corporate headquarters in St. Paul, MN, we partnered with the Super Bowl Host Committee as an in-kind sponsor to transform Minneapolis into a Bold North landscape.

Vice Presidential Debate

For the 2020 Vice Presidential Debate, The University of Utah needed a comprehensive, campus-wide brand experience complete with new innovative ideas like sidewalk images, printed stadium banners, and large-format window graphics.

Qualtrics Technology Summit

Fusion produced 800 separate items for the event. Ninety percent of the work was completed within the four weeks prior to the summit.