graphic engineering

It’s how the unreal becomes real.

Structural engineers and designers bring ideas to life. The exclamation point to the creative process. Prototype to concept realization is the fun part. Nothing more exciting than “proof of concept.” And both proving ourselves and outdoing ourselves is why Ƶ is a first call in buzz-generation by creating next-generation dimensional art. Achieved by not just breaking barriers but ignoring them all along the way to something unexpected. And to stand out, sometimes an idea needs to stand up, or defy space, break planes, or simply break rules. In fact, breaking rules is our only rule.

Graphic Engineering

•  Concept Generation

•  Quality Assurance

•  Material Selection

•  Sustainability

•  Execution


•  Research

•  Proof of Concept

•  Evaluation

•  Testing

•  Approval (Internal and External)

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